My focus on this site is entirely arbitrary. For the most part, I enjoy discussing unique articles in my fields of study. However, I also like to make easy to follow introductions on topics of interest. This is mostly to help me retain the information or to refresh later. If it helps others, that’s cool. I have been on several forums and am going to occasionally draw upon them to post here in better formatting with updated information. That way I have an archive of my own material. If it is not my own material, I will cite it accordingly. In casual blogging, I won’t follow any citing guide, but if I do, it would be APA. Otherwise, I simply make footnotes with the “+” or “-” with relevant sources.

Although I can impulsively write articles in one sitting (or find an older one buried), I keep a public agenda of articles I am working on Here.

This site is intended entirely for my own entertainment. I am not sponsored by anything or by anyone. Graphics designed by my talented brother Brian Kellett. Any unoriginal art is taken from public domain (ie. Google). To best view my articles, use the categories on the right. If you don’t like what you see here, Click here instead.





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