Poem: Liberate me from the drowning sea of bills

Hell beckons with sweet temptations

And Heaven scorns my pious attempt

To resist hell’s aspirations;

A life devoid of contempt

To live each breath

Without choking on lies

And lurking death

Anxious for my demise

Swarmed in a riot of blind

My soul rebuffed and muted

Ostracized from mankind

With dreams all polluted

Confused how to direct my life

Fighting the lurking depression

Each day a monotonous strife

Blinded by oppression

God can’t help me now

My dreams vomit

My prayers gone disavowed

I will submit

No more pain

No more rain

No more chain

No more strain

Submission to the toll

Prepare the gate

For my restless soul

That’s been abused by hate

Slave to the ominous bill

Corporate tyrants leering

With me on their grill

Vindication within raging

I won’t take anymore pain

I won’t stand anymore in the rain

No longer in this chain

No longer should life be a strain

Grip the liberating sword

To decapitate their tongues

Break from the suffocating hoard

And have exuberance fill my lungs

Never rely on another for the answer

Only you can bring self-liberation

From the coarsing pain like cancer

From lifes debilitating frustration

Clench your fist full of defiance

Annihilate the mocking shadows within

And create a self-alliance

So that a new life may begin



One thought on “Poem: Liberate me from the drowning sea of bills

  1. I like your poetry as well! It is very theistic.
    But if we think that we have suffered–look towards the saints.
    Some of them suffered the literal burning of the flesh without shedding a tear except in joy, others suffered 20 years of painful repentance and doubt filled prayers. Do we have any right to say that we have suffered? We who have just begun to suffer?
    The root of the suffering is not in God, nor in the concept of God {although wrong concepts obviously complicate things} but the ROOT of suffering is in the ego.

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