Future Post Trends

Making a note here to myself about the type of trending posts I want to do:

+ Moot Series: Cover a topic and why it is moot, eg. Mormonism

+ Guinea Pig Log: Continuing logging significant events with guinea pigs

+ Why X Works/Gotta Respect: Discuss topics that don’t get a lot of attention, or ought to in a different light, eg. video game therapy

+ Psychology Myths/tl;dr: I want to cover my tl;dr like material, simplifying complex topics or breaking myths.

+ Poetry: Mostly original. Maybe some favored.. Have not decided on that yet..

+ Amygdala Story: Thinking of starting a working story to blog about.  I’ve been meaning to write it for a while, but I’m thinking now it might be fun to have an ongoing story I could write with..

+ Likely to add more later..



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