Posts to make in future:

* Evolution of Mind (In Revision)

* What evidence do you need for evolution? (In Revision)

* Etymology: Months (Unreleased)

* The Horror Genre (Checking references)

* Acupuncture

* Why Meditation Actually Works

* Why Optimism Actually Works

* Proving Video Games can be Therapeutic

* Functions of the brain lobes (Check!)

* Difference Between Karma and the Just-World

* Difference Between Generalizing and Induction

* Gun Control – What is the empirically best approach?

Hopefully add some more later. Want to make sure I don’t forget. Now using this post as a public “To Do” list.

Note to self: No one but you reads these notes to self.  So write about the most perverted shit you can think of.  Mmmmm.. yes, I will go an adventure with you River Song.



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