Etymology: Days of the Week

The origin of the names of the days of week.  Most of them are derived from old English with other languages integrating them into their cultures:

Monday: It’s roots are translated to Moon-day.

Tuesday: Derived from Tyr’s day; Norse God of War (also related to Roman God of war).

Wednesday: Found to be related to Wodan/Odin, Norse God.  Also, related to Mercury, Roman messenger God.

Thursday: Derived from Thor’s day.  Thor was the Norse God of lightning or Chris Hemsworth ( 😛 )

Friday: Day of Frigg and Freya; Goddesses in Norse mythology.  Frigg was wife to Odin/Wodan and Freya was goddess of women.

Saturday: Day of Saturn; Roman God.

Sunday: Originally “Solday”, it is the day of the sun.



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