Why Ouija Boards are Moot

Among the spiritual community, Ouija boards can be considered sacred relics that, if tampered with, will summon forth great evils and consequences.  Far too often is a mystic tradition held in secrecy by threats with no real evidence.  However, it is easy for anyone to prove, to themselves, that Ouija boards are 100% false.  All you need is three people.  First, though, let’s define some things about the Ouija board.

➡ Defining and Setup

Step 1:

The most common set up for a Ouija board is the alphabet written in chalk, then a yes/no option, and goodbye.  You can include numbers as well.  Most often people want to include extra materials that really do nothing except enhance the atmosphere (ie. candles, turn the lights off, silk sheets, possessions of dead relatives, etc.).  Since there is no defined professional to confirm what the absolute necessities are, I think it’s fair to say that a board and dial are the most necessary.  The dial can vary in it’s design, but as long as it can effectively point out a thing on the board, then you’re set.

Step 2:

Normally, I would initially define the terms.  However, it seems proper, for an article, to give the layout to better understand what is happening here.  The idea behind a Ouija is that spirits will guide the dial to the letters and answer your questions.  Who you talk to is arbitrary.  However, you can ask whatever you like.  The commonly held notion is that the spirits are guiding the dial to the answers.  This is key.

Step 3:

To set up the demonstration, you will have two people place their finger tips on the dial.  The third person will be recording the results.  To make this demonstration really expose the truth, the two people with their hands on the dial will be blind-folded.  This is to remove the idea that the people holding the dial could look and manipulate the dial.  However, the third person could still record the answers no problem.  Since the spirits are only apparently interacting with the dial, there should be no issue.

➡ Possible Arguments

The spirits guide the dial through your eyes..

If the reason we get gibberish when our eyes are blindfolded is because the spirits see things through our eyes, this would also mean that they are manipulating our hands to give the answers.  In this case, we would have to be able to tell if someone is possessed or not.  I don’t think anyone can.  However, if they are seeing through your eyes, giving answers through your fingers, but yet you retain all other cognition, then there is no difference, to anyone else, between you manipulating the dial or a spirit.  Furthermore, how many people can a spirit possess and control to give accurate results?  Even more so, couldn’t the people request that the spirit use the third persons eye?  After all, if it is the fact that they are possessing your eyes and hands and not the dial, then what would be the issue in that?

The spirits know when you are tricking them..

This is, in no way, a trick.  What would the trick be?  The purpose is to find out whether or not you are truly communicating with a spirit or not.  There is no deceit.  There is no deception.  If you are supposed to just willingly believe, from the get-go, that Ouija boards are real and that you are always, 100% of the time, talking to an actual spirit, then you are doing nothing but making the willing leap of intellectual negligence to your own pursuit of true knowledge.

➡ Conclusion

This demonstration will always render gibberish.  In the off chance, you may get a yes/no that may make sense.  However, try to be more specific and that’s where you will find the exposure.  This demonstration is always similar to that of the facilitated communication with autistic children and adults.  In that case, an adult will “guide” the hand of an autistic to write and answer to a question (or poem, etc.).  However, in a demonstration where their eyesight was partitioned (the autistic saw one image while the communicator saw another), the autistic could never get the answer write.  Thus, proving that facilitated communication was completely false.

While it’s good to pursue knowledge and answers, we must not give up our inquisition to the truth of these methods.  We can’t let our excitement over new methods of pursuing knowledge to blind us from whether or not they are truthful.  We must strive to be sure we are using methods that render actual truthful results.. not results we desire and fight for.

What do you think…?


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