Guinea Pig Log

* Was able to trim both their nails today with a simple grip.  They didn’t really squirm much at all and I was able to do all nails.

* I’m noticing that they will initially eat a little on laptime, but then after the carrots and cucumber, they don’t seem interested in much more veggies.

* I think I should try more simple holding as they seem to get nervous when I do so and just nibble my hand.  Hopefully I can get them used to being held, but it’s nor really a priority for me; I enjoy just having them play nearby me.

* Odd event: I was placing lil Kim in the cage as usual (Marilyn already in) and she started to squirm a little.  So, I started to go up as usual, but then she let out the loudest wheek I’ve heard her make.  I really don’t think I accidentally squeezed her or anything because I was just moving upwards with my hands holding her!  Not sure what happened, but after a quick pet I was able to easily place her back in the cage without her squirming much either.



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