Guinea Pig Log

* As for today, I don’t think I’ve heard a single sneeze.  I’m assuming I heard at least one.. but it may just be a presumption.

* They are far more anxious for treats during laptime.   Afterwards, they are certainly much more calm now once I put them in the cage to give them more treats.  They will not run away or scamper unless I accidentally brush my arm against the cage making a loud sound.

* I am certain Marilyn is in a heat.  They seem to be about 8 days apart for their heats.  Hopefully they start to match up, which I understand eventually happens.

* Things I am trying to condition;

– back of hand on floor = I’m going to pick you up

– crawling fingers towards them = I’m going to pet you/everything is ok

– opening/shaking Tupperware = treat time

– crinkling bag = hay time

– hand resting on knife edge = do not go any further

– “Nom noms” / chirping = come here for food, or indicating treat time



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