Knife Collection

I like to collect knives.  My reason is just for something to do and I like them.  I like them because they represent the most basic tool of mankind.  It feels as though the two things that started all mankind is a knife and fire.  What better combo than a survival knife with flint?  Anyways.  I don’t want just a mass collection of knifes; I like to collect unique functioning knives.  There’s the liner-locker, back-lock, button release, butterfly, switchblade (argh.. illegal..), bowie, throwing, multi-tool, etc. etc. etc.  There’s plenty of variations and I’d like to have one of each kind.  I’m only an amateur, so there isn’t a heck of a lot in my collection.  However, I feel it’s a good start..

Note the bottom right multi-tool.  This multi-tool I have had since I was 11 years old.  My friends gave it the name “Stab-atha” in high school.  I’ll keep it as long as I can, even though it’s already lost it’s cover that was glued onto it.  As for my favourite knives; the swiss army and fulcrum knife.  Now I just want some better survival blades and fixed knives.. not to mention a better way of storing them!



3 thoughts on “Knife Collection

  1. I think knife collecting is a good way to see the evolution of design by mankind from the first sharp flint chip used at a kill site to butcher a buffalo to the most advanced contemporary design seen in a modern survival piece of equipment.

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