My 5 Things for Zombie Apocalypse!

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, these are the 5 things I own that I could use!

Katana: It took a while, but I finally sharpened this bugger.  Though a gun may be useful, I imagine it would be easy to scavenge one.  However, finding a decent blade that I am familiar with is different.  This katana I have owned for years and sharpened for months.  Also, ammo-free.

Bowie Knife: Simply the smaller version.  I’d prefer to combine this with the Bear Gryll’s survival fixed knife that has a flint option.  However, this knife is very sharp on it’s own and easily one handed, unlike the katana.

Flask: Whether it be for alcohol and it’s many purposes or water, it’s a good container to carry liquid in.  I’d prefer Jack Daniels in it though..

Gray’s Anatomy: A book on biology, or some other philosophical book to keep my sanity.  This biology book would offer a great deal of applicable knowledge and I could use it to simply pass time reading (seeing as how big it is!).

Duffel Bag: Not sure if this counts, but I figure scavenging will be a big deal and I need something to carry a lot in.  This will do the deed.  If not a duffel bag, then a form of light or fire.  Perhaps a chain for it’s multiple uses.

What about you..?



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