Guinea Pig Log

For the rest of the guinea pig log, I’ll just leave the date to the title in the above.  Also, added a category in the right column to easily access all log entries.

* Brought the two to visit with a couple guests in the house.  When separated (held by two different people), Marilyn is still comfortable enough with a stranger to eat a carrot.  Lil Kim is scared to the point of shivering.

– I placed them on the towel on the floor and they were almost immediately comfortable and chutting with each other.

* Lil Kim is still sneezing but otherwise there are no symptoms.  Going to try a new brand of hay tomorrow but I suspect it may be something else.  I’ll be making a check-up to a vet given the price is ok..

– I also suspect that, since I have myself been a little ill, it may be a consequence of that.  Not sure.  In any case, it seems that she is getting better to me.

* Figured out how to make lil Kim almost popcorn on demand – sneaking up and scratching her hind!  She jumps at first, then popcorns like I am playing with her.  It reminds me of how Marilyn does this to her.

* Lil Kim is calm to put back in cage but Marilyn still squirms a bit.  Marilyn also wheeks at me when laptime is over.



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