Guinea Pig Log

Lil Kim & Marilyn Log

Taken in;

– May 20, 2011.

– Separate litters.

– Lil Kim approximately 3 months old

– Marilyn approximately 5 months old

Day 1:

Fear reactions. No dominance. Marilyn is more excitable than lil kim. Lil kim has longer freeze response. I suspect that lil kim will be subjugated by marilyn. No hand feeding yet nor any feeding. Lil kim has slightly red eyes. Marilyn has white patch on left ear, at the tip. Almost no noises made. Occasional scuffle with momentary purr; not sure which one is which.

Day 2:

* A lot of movement occurred at one time in the morning. Not consistent. Around 9am. Tried to feed with some greens while playing ESP. Noms noms said before delivering. Trying to use ESP as indication of refilling/feeding time. Purring was more frequent. They bundle up together still when something approaches the cage, otherwise they sound to move around more. I found them in different hiding places this morning. Left food at entrance of hut, but one only took a piece. I think it to be Marilyn as she refused to try and take a piece once she saw me watching. They didn’t pursue any further afterwards. Purring sound intermittently from hut.

* Marilyn started eating the carrots a little while after I stopped the ESP music. Decided it’s better to prioritize trust development over feeding stimulus. Replaced food.

* Marilyn will comfortably come to the entrance to eat the food.  Lil Kim leaves the hut to go into the other one; hopefully not a sign of rejection.

– Not a sign of rejection; turns out they were playing with each other.

* Kali is interested, but has only whined and then lost interest

– Peaches will watch, but while casually laying down next to cage (not above, seems non-threatening but genuinely interested) – eventually loses interest

* Both came out of hut and started eating pellet’s and water.. finally.

– Also both eating hay though it seems lil kim is more comfortable in open area.

– I can’t help but think they may have felt more open to come out of hut because I was watching some videos of singing guinea pigs

– Both of them are legitimately popcorning. Confuses me but I think it’s because they really get along?

– Lil kim is definitely more comfortable in the open. Marilyn spending more time hiding

Day 3:

* No observations really made today

* Tried laptime in which they escaped under bed, had to chase a litttle to get back into cage.. disappointing

– Lil kim is more likely to spontaneously run

Day 4:

* I am pretty sure Marilyn is showing dominance over lil kim now. Purring sound usually followed by lil kim leaving hut.

* Was able to handfeed Marilyn! Lil Kim still scared but was watching while Marilyn fed. Hopefully some behaviour modelled as lil kim did seem to relax.

– Marilyn had vocal reactions to the tupperware I use for their treats! Definitely some association occuring.

– Marilyn finally figured out, with some incentive, that you can climb the hut. Though, she hasn’t gone on top yet.

Day 5:

* Started using towels for pet time which worked out very well. Individually, they will chirp to each other. Together, they will occassionally fight.

* I notice that lil kim responds if i try to emulate my hand as another gp. While Marilyn is much more curious to explore.

* Marilyn has left eye squinting with white substance leaking very little. Yesterday, peaches’ eye was doing the same and lil kim. Then I noticed my own. I suspect something in the air..

Day 6:

* I am sure now that Marilyn’s favourite food so far is carrots. Lil kim I’m not so sure, but I think romain the most.

– I have tried cilantro, romain, cucumber, carrots, and green pepper

– They do not like cilantro and left it for some time. They seem to like green pepper pretty regularly.

* I have yet to see Marilyn drink water

* Today, only Marilyn’s left eye is still squinting. Same substance.

* Moving their poop to corner with cardboard to indicate “bathroom corner”

– See Marilyn frequently using this corner but not lil kim. Hoping for modelled behaviour

* After laptime, I put them back in cage similar to last night. I take them out individually first, then together. Last night, they continued hiding afterwards. Tonight, they immediately came out and wheek’d at me.

Day 8:

* Started using a towel for lapt time and they leanred or stay to the towel. They will both hand feed from and also both use the same location for going toilet. I could be wrong, but I think they are starting to like being held and seem to get upset when I start to take them back to the cage. They continue to scamper after I put them in cage instead of hiding.

* Marilyn’s eye looks a lot better, near normal. Slight leakage, but nothing like before.

* Marilyn still kicks Lil kim out of the hut and lil kim will sometimes just sit infront of the entrance. I havn’t tried making a separate cage for her as she does sometimes use the hay bin for hiding. I might try making a smaller hut for her.

* Lil kim seems to really like cucumber. Marilyn likes romain more. Also, they both love carrots, but I’m sure Marilyn gets her way with them first.

* They are starting to not run away nearly as much as at first. In fact, they seem to calm down once I have a hold of them whereas they would initially keep squirming. I think the towel idea was good. Thinking of trying larger floor time in the bathroom.

– Also, they both don’t seem to favour green peppers too much.. they will eat them, but not as readily as romain, etc.

– I am positive they do not like cilantro.

* Decided to switch the grey hut for the green one to try and give them more room to move around behind it. This is also because they didn’t seem to try climbing the grey hut at all, even with food as incentive.

– They seem to enjoy running around the green hut. Think I made a good decision on that.

Day 9:

* Added a piece of cardboard on the back of the cage to make another hiding spot/tunnel. They seem to really love it and kept running around very energetically. Now I know this is a better idea.

– Additionally, I can easily see either of them sleep inside the hut from my chair though it seems marilyn actually likes to keep an eye on me as well.

– Lil kim still insists on sleeping outside the entrance, even though she has two alternative hiding spots. She will sleep in the corner sometimes stil.. it seems

Day 10:

* Lil kim actually popcorned while on laptime!

Day 14:

* The progress on the towel has been the greatest of all things.  They comfortably run around on the towel and explore it’s boundaries.  They have a preference to come to me rather than an obvious hiding spot as well indicating they may actually trust me now!

* I also tried picking them up individually to see their reactions:

– Lil kim picked up first will result in Marilyn sitting calmly and exploring as usual. Though, she keeps a close eye on me.  If lil Kim is noisy enough, Marilyn will wheek in response.

– Marilyn picked up first causes lil Kim to almost immediately wheeking.

– Lil kim in the cage first will usually result in her running around, possibly looking for Marilyn.  She doesn’t wheek, but does chut.

– Marilyn in the cage first doesn’t seem to make anything happen as she just waits in a corner.

* I’ve started giving them a carrot each every time I pick them up for laptime to make them look forward to being picked up.  For the most part, it seems to be working.  Marilyn is much more calm now, almost entirely, about being picked up.  Lil kim still runs, but once picked up, she seems calm.

* I also tried to deter their panic response to being picked up and placed into cage (also reduces damage done from jumping from my hand..).  What I did was held them above the bedding a few inches first and basically moved down if they were still or up if they squirmed.  After 3 days, lil Kim is surprisingly the one who has learned to be calm and just let me place her down.  Marilyn still struggles, but not nearly as bad as the first initial days. It doesn’t seem to make a difference who is in the cage first.

* Lil kim’s eyes were squinting but they seem normal now.  However, lil Kim is sneezing more often now.  I’m suspecting a timothy hay allergy as it seems in response to a new batch of hay from the bag.  I also think I might be allergic to the hay for the same reasons.  Will be trying a new hay soon..



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